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Adventures in Luxury

Adventures in Luxury

29 July in CompassLiving, Vietnam

In the past we have dealt with the never ending rule changes on Thailand’s visas and having been to Vietnam before, we knew a visa was required. But we were in Guatemala and there was no way we were shipping our passports along with photos...

box lunch

Box Lunches

23 April in CompassLiving, Vietnam

One of the things we like to do while staying here in Saigon, Vietnam is go out for an hour walk around the city, just to see what we can find. The other day we saw these stacks of box lunches that were being delivered...

flower man

The Flower Man

22 April in CompassLiving, Vietnam

Billy and I were out walking again the other day and low and behold, we see this moving flower show on a bicycle! Finally, when the angle was right we could see that the flower show was being man-propelled and we were able to catch...