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What are we really talking about?

Currently no other company provides for extended term, affordable, residential tourist stays. We provide residential facilities globally that are comfortable, safe, and easy to use.
From one month to a lifetime, Compass Living is perfect for someone wanting an affordable, extended vacation, all the way to persons wanting to permanently retire at a fraction of what it costs in the U.S. All with the flexibility of booking a hotel room.

What is the product?

Our platform provides a hassle-free place to relax or retire, with housework, laundry, and meals standard and concierge, transportation plans and spa services affordable add-ons.

What do I get as a customer?

Freedom and simplicity to enjoy life. No lawns to mow. No laundry to do. No meals to cook... Unless you want to! Our housekeepers maintain the rooms. Our room valets help you with everyday living... All for a lot less than you’d think!

How does Compass do it?

Compass Living is a platform with many seasoned and experienced vendor partners that deliver the Compass Living experience. We are not re-inventing the wheel, we are re-aligning it to serve our customers.

Is this a timeshare?

No, Compass Living is not a timeshare.

The Compass Living Platform does not sell real estate. We find suitable sites, negotiate with the building owners and make furnished units available to our customers for long term stays.

Can I buy a unit from Compass?

The Compass Living platform does not sell real estate to our customers. We are NOT a real estate developer that makes money selling units to customers.

We are NOT a timeshare system where the same real estate is sold multiple times. We are a residential service platform that provide outstanding living accommodations bundled with included meal plans, domestics services, and medical coverage.

Is this like a Hotel?

Compass Living as a platform goes beyond the typical hotel business. Hotels are priced for daily or weekly stays.
Compass is a longer-term experience suitable for extended vacations or even retirement if desired, and is complete with essentials of daily living like laundry, housekeeping and meals included.

What do I give up to live with Compass Living?

If you, as a customer, have travelled overseas before, you may understand that there are a few things that occasionally make you home sick. What these things are vary widely from individual to individual.
What you can gain from staying with Compass Living also vary widely from individual to individual.
An example can be an occasional relaxing drive down a tree-lined highway can be missed while not having to deal with driving in traffic because a Compass Living driver is at the wheel takes away the stress and anxiety of navigating the roads, where-ever you may be.

What product does Compass offer?

Compass Living DOES NOT sell Real Estate or Timeshares.

Compass Living is a system that provides choices for customers to live the lifestyle they want, where long term vacation living can be used for retirement. Compass Living is NOT age restricted. The system offers customers a lifestyle that includes furnished living units, included meal plans, with housekeeping service, and concierge services and an optional medical plan for one affordable monthly price.

Why choose Compass Living?

Compass Living is the world’s leading all-inclusive residential services provider, designed to foster a more satisfying living experience, from one month to full-retirement, free from the hassles of daily chores, cooking and cleaning, all at a price much less than living in the U.S. We offer the freedom to travel around the world in our system, confident that you will receive the same level of comfort and service at any Compass Living property worldwide.
Optional healthy-aging packages allow those wishing to retire within our system the freedom to enjoy life.

I'm not retired yet, can I join Compass Living?

Compass Living is not an age restricted system. Anyone can join our way of Healthy Aging. You agree to abide by the system rules and the local facility's rules of conduct to stay with us.

Local rules of conduct may vary depending on local laws, regulations, and norms of behavior.

What is the breakdown of couples versus singles at Compass Living sites?

Compass Living is designed for anyone who would like to improve their lifestyle and save money at the same time. Couples and singles are welcome.

Since the customers can circulate throughout the Compass Living system, it is unpredictable as to the ratio of singles versus couples at various facilities at any given time.