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The Compass Living Story

Robert Yuan, CEO and Co-Founder of Compass Living, came up with the idea of “Residential Tourism” nearly 25 years ago.  An Engineer by training and High-Level Structured Financier by trade, he was also an avid traveler. He experienced first-hand the financial and cultural benefits of living globally, but also experienced the challenges inherent in that lifestyle.   In researching the concept, he found that nothing existed designed to make living/vacationing/retiring overseas EASY. The only thing that filled that space were timeshares and travel clubs, each incredibly expensive given their actual benefits.


Likewise, those that desired to actually retire offshore had to research it all themselves, spending money on “how-to” books, guides and blogs that only taught them how to purchase real estate in a foreign country, effectively “locking them in” to the experience.


With his background in finance, he understood that a future global retirement problem was only a matter of time.  When the first baby-boomer turned 65 in 2011, he realized that the largest demographic in history wasn’t able to afford retirement.  The engineer in him knew the time was right to build an easy, affordable, safe way for people to live/vacation/retire overseas.

He put together an exploratory team to gauge whether the idea had merit from a financial, implementation and target-demographic standpoint and spent half a year traveling the world, researching properties, talking with business people, marketers and governments.


At the end of that journey, the answer to the question of whether Residential Tourism could be done affordably and would be adopted by a large demographic came back with a resounding ‘Yes!”.   The next step was to make it happen.  He put together a core team of more than a dozen high-level professionals, the majority of which lived the expat-lifestyle themselves, to help design, build and market this new level of hospitality.


Fast-forward to March 2014.  The utilization of a global team of professionals from all walks of life, all superstars in their respective industries, spread across a half-dozen countries, has culminated in the official launch of Compass Living’s first Residential Tourism model in Saigon, Vietnam.  Additional properties are on the way: Thailand is scheduled for 3rd quarter 2014, with Philippines, Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Belize) and Mexico soon after.  Plans are even being made to open up Europe in 2016.


But Compass Living doesn’t stop there.  As people vacation within the Compass Living system, many of them retiring permanently, traveling among Compass’ ever-expanding properties, they inevitably will be faced with medical issues.  Plans are being made to allow people to age gracefully via Assisted Living, set in select locations worldwide, where the level of care is exceptional and the cost a fraction of what it is in the United States.


Seems Compass Living just might be the answer to allow people to live, vacation and ultimately retire with a world-class, flexible, safe and affordable lifestyle.