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What Is Compass Living?

NO Real Estate Sales

Live the expat lifestyle without being tied-down to one location OR spending large sums of money

Compass Living is unique in that you don’t have to put down large chunks of money to purchase an offshore home. Those who purchase real estate overseas inevitably tie-up large sums of money and unless you are very wealthy, this only allows for one location. Owning a home may be nice, but it leads to a situation called “Location Lock”.

With Compass Living you can travel the world with NO Location Lock and no worries about foreign country law changes, currency devaluation or political strife.

NO Timeshares

Forget about maintenance fees and competing for “premiere” locations and seasons

Compass Living is not a Timeshare.

Timeshares force you to compete with others for the same time slots, charge ongoing maintenance fees and require a substantial investment up-front.  Resale value of timeshares decline substantially over time.  Setting up your stay with Compass Living is as easy as booking a hotel room.

Stay one month, three months or longer, the choice is yours!

And  because Compass Living includes meals, housekeeping (including laundry) in one, low monthly fee, vacationing or living offshore has never been easier.

NO Long-Term Commitments

Flexibility is the key with Compass Living. With minimum one-month stays, an extended vacation or even full retirement is yours.

Compass Living doesn’t sell real estate; so you are free to stay as long, or as little as you want (minimum one-month stay).

With Compass Living, YOU are in charge of your time and because most services (meals, housekeeping and laundry just to name a few) are included in one, easy-to-manage monthly payment, you can concentrate on doing what you want to do, without the worries of maintaining your new home.