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Why Compass Living

Because retirement shouldn’t be work.

Whether you simply want an extended-stay, all-inclusive, hassle-free vacation at a surprisingly affordable price, or want to spend the rest of your life on permanent vacation in extraordinary locations around the world, Compass Living is the answer.

Consumers of all ages demand value. Compass Living delivers this and much more. Whether you’re a teacher looking to spend summer vacations overseas, a world-traveler, a snowbird looking for looking for exotic locales, or just someone looking to retire on your own terms, Compass Living makes it easy to live your dreams!

Retirement Living
Stretching your dollar

Replace the worry with the certainty that only Compass Living can offer.

Freedom from:

  • Trying to make ends meet
  • Worrying about your health
  • Household Chores

Asset conservation concerns

All of Compass Living’s locations have been carefully chosen to provide the perfect “vacation as retirement” escape. From the soothing sounds of sandy beaches in Central America to cultured urban living in Europe to the fresh air in the mountains of Southeast Asia.

Compass Living serves as your escape from

  • Mundane Living
  • Financial Insecurity
  • High Medical Bills
  • Boredom

Live the Lifetime you’ve always dreamed about... You\'ve earned it.

Healthy Living ~ Financial Freedom ~ Top-notch, quality health care

Find Out How You Can Live The Lifestyle You Always Wanted.